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Kermode Friendship society offers culturally sensitive, quality programs and services to the Aboriginal community member and the community-at-large in the Terrace area. Our commitment is to encourage self-sufficiency, respect of individuality and to promote cultural diversity amongst all residents of this area.

  • To be an organization that welcomes everyone and continues to meet the need identified by our community

  • To deliver programs and services that provide a secure, lasting future for the people we serve

  • To build sound relationships between the people we serve within the community

  • To advocate for, and support First Nations within our community

  • To be financially sound organization that continues to meet the needs of  the people we serve

  • To provide accessible facilities and suitable equipment for our future programs and services


Healthy, proud, self-sufficient First Nations People living in friendship and harmony in the multi-cultural society of Terrace and District.


 People grounded in the proud cultures, languages, traditions and wisdom of their Elders, with the skills and abilities to provide a secure, sustainable future for themselves and their families.

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