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In the modern era, as our new generation is rising, we also wish to assist our Seniors by providing them support, care and a healthy lifestyle. Even with many social support societies being available, seniors are not aware of all the benefits that is provided for their needs. With that in mind Kermode Friendship Society is proud to offer the Seniors Program with the main goal of providing social and emotional support to seniors whether they are Aboriginal or not. We also aim to provide them information and resources to encourage them to participate in activities provided by Kermode Friendship Centre. 

Support offered by KFS for seniors include:

  1. Monitoring clients with telephone calls or by home visiting if needed.

  2. Planning and organizing seniors' outreach program according to Seniors need such as conducting Activity Groups for example drum making, medicine bag, playing Indian Bingo.

  3. Conducting bi-weekly lunches and monthly breakfast on Wednesday so that it makes easy for seniors to remember and provide delivery option if needed.

  4. Delivering produce boxes every second week of month.

  5. Maintaining up to date contact sheet of seniors so that they can get support from our Friendship Centre.

  6. Providing Social and emotional need to seniors.

  7. Due to social isolation arising from the pandemic, we have started conducting Zoom sessions as well as keeping in touch with our seniors through phone calls and emails to help them through this difficult times.

  8. Providing support for use of technology to so they can have basic knowledge on how to use phone and connect to others via Zoom and emails.

  9. Providing Support in forms of Indian Day School.

  10. Providing them existing community resources and services for example transportation, housing, making appointments, groceries pickup and other services based on individual needs.

Seniors Program

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