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Sixties Scoop Healing Service

At Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation, our focus is to reconnect IRS and 60s Scoop Survivors alongside IRS families with culture and community. We acknowledge the dis-connect from culture for 60s Scoop children can be more extensive, and that healing may include sharing their Indigenous culture and practices with adoptive family. Activities will be culturally rooted in safety, and trauma-informed to include art therapy, crafts, medicine-making, dance, drumming, language nest, cedar weaving, sharing circles, sweats, Indigenous foods, and meal making. We engage with the clients to ensure they are referred to appropriate resources for connecting to birth families, mental health support, compensation, artwork, book, music, and films about 60s scoop etc.

“Funding from this program is through a generous grant from the Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation”

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